Log Cabin Parma 5.7 x 4.44 m

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The Parma log cabin is our new product – a great option for those who want to have a separate, compact and stylish place to relax. All you need is a small empty area of land and you’re on your way to fulfilling your dream. Maybe you have some land near a lake or other water body, or may you just want to have a cabin on your own block of land next to your house? 

We present our new 24 m² PARMA log cabin! High windows and full glass door allow more light to come inside.


This log cabin has high windows and a full glass door that allow more light to come inside and make it possible to appreciate the surroundings both day and night. This log cabin is made from dried but unpainted and unimpregnated timber of the highest quality, which comes form slow-growing spruce that has been carefully crafted. The smell of wood good quality wood and fresh air will fill the entire indoor environment.


This log cabin has 44 mm thick walls made from spruce logs that have been given a double groove. General height is 3.12 m, interior area 21 m², roof area 33 m². There is one single door, almost fully glazed, that opens outwards, and four fixed shop-type windows. The windows and door have double glazing and a hermetic sealing strip to prevent leakage. 

- Wall thickness - 44 mm;

- Wall height - 2,34 m;
- Ridge height - 3,12 m;
- External dimensions - 5,7 x 4 m;
- Internal dimensions – 5,38 x 3,68 m;
- Total area – 22,8 sqm + terrace ;
- Flat walls with slightly rounded beams at the ends ;
- 44 mm interlocking wall boards T&G
- Cabin is produced from spruce. Only solid wood used for wall logs;
- 4 single tall casement windows – 1795 x 640 mm ;
- Double entrance door, fully glazed – 1880 x 1380 mm ;
- All windows and doors are double glazed;
- Safety cylinder for doors;
- Windows and doors have gasket, rubber sealed

- Roof battens;
- 19 mm roof  and floor boards T&G;
- Screws and nails;
- Installation instructions, elevation, plans & full drawings;
- Foundation bearers are impregnated against rot

- VAT included;
- Free delivery in Dublin area on a HIAB;
- Cabin comes flat packed - DYI;
- Installation service is extra cost;
- Light roof construction, suitable for bitumen tiles, etc- if you intent to use other roof covering, please contact us for additional information;
- Log cabin is made from kiln dried, but not painted/treated wood.

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